Turn the compass and explore the north of Zagorje

  • What to do?

    Take the paths of green hills to discover mysteries. Count the kilometers your view travels from natural viewpoints. Dip your feet in fast rivers and cold streams or listen to a story from the friendly hosts. What story? Maybe the one about the first car in Croatia, about the Zagorje painting exhibition in Paris, or about unknown ancient sarcophagi. This is just an introduction to carefree wanderings in the north of Zagorje!
  • Calendar of events
    This category is your guide through a wide range of events that enrich our destination. Whether you are a lover of culture, art, music or tradition, you will find something here to fulfill your desire for unforgettable experiences.
  • The season
    In two words? Any time, but if you can already choose, then in spring, summer or autumn. Each season brings with it its own colors and atmosphere. Mild, blossoming and fragrant spring, hot and sunny summer or colorful, delicious autumn - it doesn't matter.
  • Family trips
    Spend a day filled with experiences where there will be no shortage of laughter, good feelings and positive experiences. Take a walk through the Arboteum, get to know the Drava river valley, taste the gastronomic charms of Northern Zagorje and much more in the circle of your loved ones.
  • Food and wine
    Arriving in this tame and green corner of Zagorje should definitely include exploring the eno-gastronomic riches of this region. And they are the result of combining tradition and modernity, prepared from home-made, healthy and extremely tasty locally produced ingredients and
  • Outdoor activities
    In our region, the question is not where, but what you can try because every part of our region offers the enjoyment of some kind of outdoor activity such as walking, running, cycling or water sports such as kayaking, rafting, fishing...

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Find a balance between natural beauty, cultural heritage and activities for all ages, making it an ideal destination for family outings and exploration.


Six municipalities in the west of Varaždin County have decided to link up in tourism and present this unified area as a new Croatian continental destination. 

  • Cestica

    The northernmost part of North Zagorje is occupied by the municipality of Cestica. As a contrast to the lowland and fertile area along the Drava River, the southern part of the municipality is rippled by Zagorje hills.

  • Vinica

    There are few places in Croatia where you will find so many castles, manors and forts in the relatively small surface area occupied by the municipality of Vinica.

  • Maruševac

    The green and colorful landscape of Maruševac, the history symbolized by the beautiful and well-preserved castle, but also the deep connection with old customs that are more alive today than ever, make this municipality an interesting destination for relaxed exploration. 

  • Petrijanec

    The easternmost municipality of Sjevera Zagorje is located in the Drava plain, and its tourist assets include the preserved wilderness of the banks of the "European Amazon", Roman heritage and a famous hunting ground frequented by counts, kings and presidents.

  • Donja Voća

    The wooded hills of Donje Voća hide the Vindija cave, one of the most valuable Neanderthal sites in Europe.

  • Klenovnik

    The famous Drašković noble family built the largest castle in Croatia in Klenovnik.